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Variety newborn kit (5lbs - 12lbs)

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All in ones
x2 Little Love Bums newbie natural all in one + x2 matching inserts
x2 Reusabelles newborn roller pocket all in one

All in 2s
x2 Close pop-in cover + x6 bamboo newborn pop-in inserts
x2 Muslinz size 1 covers + x6 cotton size 1 prefolds

x2 Baba+Boo newborn pocket + x4 bamboo inserts

2-parter (flats and fitted)
x6 Muslinz 60cm cotton muslin cloth
x2 Easy Peasy Bimble newborn size cotton fitted
x2 Totsbots size 1 bamboozle fitted + snap booster

2-parter (covers)
x2 Motherease small Airflows
x2 Little Lambs size 1 covers
x2 Bells Bumz newborn Zwrap

x1 xlarge wet bag
x1 small wet bag
x2 Snappi nippas
x15 washable fleece liners (various make)
x5 double ply bamboo boosters (various make)
x10 cotton Cheeky Wipes
x1 small mesh washbag

Fee: £ 2.00 for 7 days

Condition: B - Fair
Code: nbv3

The variety kits will include approximately 25 changes of nappies from different brands and in a variety of styles, some essential accessories and a written guide for washing and using. These nappies are reasonably up-to-date and are readily available on the market to purchase with an average budget.

There are many nappy brands with many variations. We aim to provide you with a trial kit that gives a good overview without overwhelming you. The colour and pattern of the nappies loaned to you may be different from the stock image.

More information about each nappy can be found in the “What’s in a Nappy?” album on our Facebook group. Search ‘Oxon Cloth Nappy Library group’ to join.

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